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Rye (Secale cereale) is part of the family of cereal grains. Rye grows well in northern temperate climates. The majority of the world’s rye crop comes from central and eastern Europe

Nutrition credentials of whole grain rye:

Dark rye flour is made from the whole grain and light rye flour from partially debranned grain and has a stronger flavor than wheat. Light, medium and dark rye flour is used to make bread, biscuits and pancake. Rye flour is also used as a filler for sauces and soups.

The main use of this grain is in the Roggen bread production. Addition of rye flour to wheat flour has a great effect on reducing staling process in bread due to its high pentosan content. Rye has less gluten forming ability and thus does not develop the elastic and extensible dough structure that wheat flour does. Therefore, bread with desirable quality characteristics and long shelf life can be achieved with a suitable mixture of wheat and rye.