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In recent years, attention to healthy lifestyle has led to an increase in the use of functional foods. Therefore, improving quality and making different types of bread as one of the most basic consumer goods is very important. Bread made with whole wheat flour or other cereals along with grains such as sesame, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, barley and wheat flakes, which are known as multi-grain breads, are considered as a source of dietary fiber. Consumption of this type of bread provides energy and nutrients, improves digestion of other foods and regulates blood sugar and cholesterol.

Sesame seeds are rich in dietary fiber, essential minerals, lignans, tocopherols and omega-3 fatty acid. Due to the beneficial properties of sesame seeds, it can be used as bakery topping or in dough formulation. The direct use of sesame seeds in bakery products requires precise sorting and separating of all contaminants such as weed seeds, stones and wood. Our company is able to provide customers with completely clean and impurity-free products by using various kinds of sorting machines.